Infinite Possibilities


It’s been said by many that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and grasping this puts us in a place of power because it means we’re more than flesh and bone, that we come from a “higher place,” and that there’s an intelligence behind our existence.
Unfortunately, most of us have been taught that we are only human, put on earth to be tested, judged, and sentenced; that we’re ignorant, inclined to do evil and live in a cold, hard, unforgiving world. Yet, even while as a civilization there have been failings, by simply looking around at today’s commerce, technology, global cooperation, and increasing life expectancies—you have to admit that in spite of our deep spiritual naiveties, we’ve still blown the lid clear off “surviving.” We didn’t come here to be tested, judged, and sentenced, nor did we come here to survive; we came here to grow, succeed, and love. In one word, we are here to thrive.

Thriving is Our Default Setting, Not Surviving

This is true for you, no matter where you’ve been thus far in your life and no matter what mistakes you’ve made. Haven’t you always found that you smile more than you frown? You laugh more than you cry? You’ve had friends more than you’ve been entirely alone? You’ve had money more than you’ve been flat broke? You’ve enjoyed health more than sickness? You’ve been gradually waking up to truth rather than sliding into an abyss of confusion and mysteries? We are all naturally inclined to succeed and be happy in every area of our lives, it’s as if we’re “pushed on” to greatness. It’s just that we’ve slowed ourselves down a bit,
being the spiritual infants that we are, because when it comes to creating change in our lives, not knowing any better, we usually approach it by focusing excessively on what we don’t like and what we don’t have, instead of focusing on our dreams and goals.

Because you’ve likely never been told the truth, this may seem farfetched and unrealistic, but with the truth you’re free, life gradually becomes easier, and above all, your ability to create major life changes becomes understood and workable. You needn’t go forth in doubt and darkness; these are power-robbers. Knowing now that your own inclinations are toward happiness and fulfillment—that this is what you were built for, that this is what the stage of life is set for, and that the entire Universe is on your side – can you imagine the infinite possibilities that now lie before you?

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